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We've created a new workout style tailored to Classic rock music and gives an enhanced workout suitable for all ages. We only use dumbbells, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises to target various muscle groups effectively while accommodating different fitness levels. It's easy to teach and perform in different settings.

It is easy for anyone to get started in and provides strength conditioning to tone the muscle groups while rocking out to your favorite music.


Sign up for our InstructorTraining Course and become a Certified Instructor.


We can't thank Open Strength Carry enough for all they have done for us. They make classes fun but challenging in a good way! They teach you the correct way to avoid injuries during the workouts and are so knowledgeable! You won't regret giving them a try and we recommend them 100%.

Mark & Amy Beckstead

I've spent years searching for a program that would motivate me, make me feel good and give me a healthier lifestyle. It took a little convincing to get me to my first strength class, but it only took one class to get me hooked. Strength is the perfect balance of cardio to get your heart pumping and weights to keep your body strong. I've attended class faithfully for a year and a half now and can say without a doubt this program has changed my life.


I love going to the strength classes, it's one of my favorites. I never thought I would be one to enjoy exercising, but these ladies make it so FUN! The instructors are positive,  encouraging. You can tell they love teaching. Strength class had helped me continue my weight loss goals. Most of all I feel good, I feel STRONG! I have gained confidence and made friends along the way. The atmosphere is so supportive, everyone encourages each other. I have never felt judged by anyone. I would highly recommend going and giving it a try!!


I love how everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The instructors are so personable, and you get the best workout!


I absolutely love this class. I had chronic shoulder pain for years and tried messages and chiropractors with little results. I finally gave into Haley asking me to try this class. Amazing!! My pain is gone. I love that it is a work at your own pace and such a fun uplifting environment. I sleep better, my moods are better and my health is better from going. The instructors are amazing, caring and always pushing me to do more than I think I can. I wish I would have started a year ago! Thank you Open Cary Strength for showing me I am capable and worth it!

Kim Gilbert

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