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Carry It Strength started as an idea back in November of 2021 by April and Haley. We wanted to offer a strength training class as part of the classes offered at Crush Fitness. After going to a few different ones in the Cache Valley area, we couldn't find one that we really liked that fit our fitness style. We then decided to design one ourselves.

We really wanted a full body workout with emphasis on core work. From there we developed a format of doing a full body song, an arm song, leg song and then ending with an abdominal song. We then do 2 more sets in that order. We wanted the energy of a good gym or home workout so we added the extra element of designing all our songs to mostly 70’s and 80’s rock and roll music. This class can be executed with only dumbbells, resistance bands and a mat. We always start our layout with a warm up song then move through 12 different songs (equaling 3 sets of the layout described) and then a cool down stretch to end the class.

April and Haley taught this class for a little over a year before adding in Marlee to be an instructor. As the participants numbers grew and we added more and more classes to the schedule, we knew we had created a dynamic strength training class that we wanted to share.

Haley developed the original name of Open Carry Strength, because we like to flex those muscles and show them off. As a close partnership we decided as a group to change the Name to Carry It Strength. Not only do we carry our muscles but we, as people of this ever changing world carry our worries, stresses, families, jobs, anxieties and any other problems humans have, we want to lift some of those burdens and show you the strength you actually have to defeat more than you know.



My name is Haley Sue Johnson. I grew up in Inkom, Idaho, and went to Marsh Valley High School. I went to the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated as a Certified Medical Assistant and used that degree for almost 6 years. I have always been fascinated with how the body grows and works. I have had many jobs over the years. I started out by hauling lumber at my grandparents' lumber yard in Downey, Idaho. I have had numerous small jobs over the years, but I think my favorites have been being a framer and building houses in college, becoming a certified grain inspector in the state of Idaho, and currently working with my husband. I have always enjoyed working hard and with my hands.

I am married to the hardest-working man I have ever met. We have 3 kids that keep us on our toes. They are all in activities of some sort. We live on my father-in-law's 500-acre farm. We help him farm the land, along with raising animals; we also do butchering as a side business. On top of all that, my husband works full-time as a conductor on the railroad I have always loved working out, but what really got my blood pumping was starting professional arm wrestling in 2020. Ever since then, I have studied different health and fitness ideas and really have pushed myself to limits I didn't think I could. Now, I want to do that for others! I have loved seeing people grow and get the results that they deserve.

April and I started Open Carry Strength in March of 2022. I have loved every minute of teaching since starting the class. I still get nervous, and I still have a hard time believing in what an amazing class it has turned out to be, BUT I am still here and beyond grateful for the support that people have shown me.


Hey, just a little introduction to me, my name is April Gailey, I grew up in Grantsville, Utah. It’s about 34 miles west of the Salt Lake Airport. In High school, I was on the cheer team my freshman year, The rest of my High school career I focused on Track and Field. I threw Shot put and Discus. I went to region my Senior year. But this little person just didn’t quite throw far enough. I went to Utah State University for a year, I was going to pursue Elementary Education, but had some health struggles that led to not continuing my education. In 2007 I bet Brad Gailey, we got married and started our family, We have 4 kids, we now homeschool our children and we love it.  We  live in Preston, but hoping to build our forever home in the near future.

In 2017 I hit a very low point, Brad encouraged me to start working out again, Which led me to working in 2 different gyms, I was teaching classes and loved every minute. I loved the gym scene but I wanted something for myself, I got certified in High Fitness, Our dear friend Cindee  who had a couple certifications under her belt reached out to me and said “Let’s do this!”

I own Crush Fitness, Cindee and I started with Step and High Fitness in November 2021. We have since added, Kylee Jackson (High Fitness) Jessica Lancaster( High Fitness) Haley Johnson (Strength) Marlee Tibbitts (Strength) and Katie Stoker (UpBeat Barre). We have 6 formats and a very full schedule!

My passion for fitness runs deep and I’m so excited for this new adventure!  My family is my biggest supporters and have motivated me every step of the way! My husband has been the best through everything. It’s been quite a roller coaster and he has never let me down. Love that I get to share my love for fitness with you all!


My name is Marlee Tibbitts. I grew up in Menan, ID, and absolutely loved it. I met my husband in 2009, and we were sealed for eternity in the Idaho Falls, ID, temple in November of 2010. We now have three beautiful children and live in the Preston area. I enjoy being outdoors camping, on the lake, paddle boarding, swimming, traveling, hiking, and being in the mountains; I love reading, playing the piano, and lifting weights.

I started my fitness journey in the winter of 2008. It started by walking on the treadmill for 1 hour a day. That led to gaining self-confidence and branching out to other formats. I have had a passion for weights early on in my fitness journey, and I became certified with AFAA in 2020 as a group fitness instructor. I started working with April and Haley in April of 2023 and have loved being in the Carry It community.


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